Why HelixShield

The combination of the following strengths makes HelixShield the best authentication and brand protection technology in the market.

Unprecedented Deterrence

The HelixShield technology offers strong counterfeiting deterrence to businesses who have suffered for years, such as those selling pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, electronics, clothing and shoes, etc. With our on-demand HelixChip manufacturing and delivery model, businesses can be assured that all and only genuine products have HelixChips attached, thus clearly differentiating genuine ones from counterfeits.

Yes, counterfeiters will try to make fake HelixChips. However there are two major hurdles. The DNA encryption, which presents more than 10100 possibilities that can’t be evaluated electronically, needs to be broken first. Good luck with that. If it is done, a 4096-bit digital encryption awaits.

Authentication for Online Purchase

Counterfeiters have taken full advantage of the Internet at the rapidly growing expense of legitimate businesses. Luxury brands and pharmaceuticals are among the worst-affected sectors for counterfeits. It has been very difficult to verify an online item is genuine, until now. HelixShield has a simple yet effective process to verify HelixChip remotely and locally so consumers get what they want with the peace of mind.

Easy to Use in Real-Time

HelixShield performs real-time authentication using small handheld devices. The authentication process is super simple: insert a HelixChip into a HelixReader that is attached to a smartphone with the HelixApp open; wait for a few seconds; take the HelixChip out, done.

Track and Trace

Each HelixChip contains serialized data about the product it attaches to. Each chip is unique and trackable. The HelixShield technology is fully in compliance with worldwide rules and regulations safeguarding the supply chain. Businesses can even detect diversion with this rich data resource.