About Us

Our Cause

In today’s inter-connected and fast-moving world, fake products, fake identity, and fake information are ubiquitous and abundant, hurting legitimate businesses while exposing consumers to risk. Even experts find it hard to identify the “deep fakes”.

At HelixShield, we have developed a next-generation authentication technology to put a stop to the proliferation of fakes and provide a boost to businesses and consumers in terms of bottom line, brand value, security and safety, and peace of mind. Be they luxury goods or life-saving pharmaceuticals, our technology not only verifies product’s authenticity in a unique and most effective way, but also allows businesses to track goods through supply chain and to provide value-added services to customers after purchase.

Our Promise

For businesses, we promise the delivery of only genuine products to your customers. As a result, your businesses will thrive with enhanced brand value, higher revenues, as well as stronger customer loyalty.

For consumers, we promise safety and authenticity beyond compare, ensuring you get what you want and deserve with the peace of mind.

Our Mission

Through unprecedented innovation in authentication, we help businesses improve bottom line and strengthen customer loyalty while ensuring consumers’ peace of mind.

Our Values

The word TRUST represents who we are and what we strive for. Aided by our cutting-edge technology, we are the trustworthy partner for businesses. More importantly, we strengthen trust between businesses and their customers, an increasingly daunting task yet an integral fabric of our society.