Use Cases

End-to-End Authentication Eliminates Deceptive Counterfeits

Deceptive counterfeits infiltrate the supply chain through unauthorized channels such as secondary or tertiary wholesalers, distributors, and non-official retail stores. It is possible because personnel in the supply chain and consumers are not equipped to easily differentiate these super fakes from genuine ones, even if they want to. Some counterfeit handbags and prescription medicine look so real that even experts find it hard to tell them apart. Patient safety, consumer’s trust on brand, and billions of dollars are on the line as a result.

One approach to eliminate deceptive counterfeits is to establish a one-on-one coupling between a genuine product and a serialized impossible-to-fake authentication chip and ensure the authentication chip is super easy to be verified in real time. Without an authentication chip, a product should not be distributed or purchased, period. Now a counterfeiter only has three options, destroying a genuine product to sell a fake one, make fake authentication chips to be associated with fake products, or give up. The first option does not make economic sense. The second option has been the choice of counterfeiters, until now. The combination of DNA and digital encryption by HelixShield gives an unbearable burden to counterfeiters, forcing them to choose the third option, thus eliminating deceptive counterfeit.

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Online Purchase Verification Becomes a Reality

Aren’t we all tempted when we see online a genuine-looking luxury handbag below retail price or a live-saving prescription medicine at a more budget-friendly price? Aren’t we also feel the hesitation to click the “submit order” button, worrying about the authenticity of the product? While genuine products at discount prices are indeed available from time to time on the Internet, consumers are often tricked by deceptive counterfeits instead.

HelixShield offers an innovative approach to address online purchase verification: since every genuine product has a serialized impossible-to-fake authentication chip attached, a buyer can request the seller to verify the chip and share result before making purchase. Upon receiving the goods, the buyer can confirm the result again. The chip can also serve as a proof-of-purchase for secondary sale or return.

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