For Consumers

For Consumers

Love Luxury Goods? Read on!

Picture this. You walk into a local store and find a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag, one you’ve always wanted. Checking the price tag, you notice that it is at a lower price than any official LV store. Pleasantly surprised, you check the bag for LV authenticity. It looks real and it feels real and you can’t quite remember all the distinguishing marks of an LV bag. You’re tempted to make the purchase but still worried about its origin and just how genuine it is.

Your heart wants this bag while your mind warns you that if it’s a fake, that’s a lot of money you’ve spent on something you cannot resell or be proud to own.

What do you do?

Look for the HelixShield HelixChip! If it’s there, ask the store to verify the chip, or ask us to get a HelixReader for free! If verified by a HelixReader, the bag is a genuine LV and you know you are getting your money’s worth! Wait, there are more! The HelixChip will also make the resale of the bag in the future a breeze because it serves as a proof of purchase of a genuine bag.

Buying Lifesaving Meds? You need to know…

Found your prescription medication online for well below market value? Don’t get thrilled about this just yet! Ask yourself, how does this online store manage to sell me the same meds for so much less? Is it real?

The only way you can protect your purchase – and your health – is by looking for the HelixShield mark. Ask the online store to verify the HelixChip and send you the result. Then you can purchase with the peace of mind.